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Want more of the Purple One? Top chefs compete to recreate Quality Street favourites in Channel 4’s Snackmasters

Quality Street to star in the Snackmasters Series 2 festive special this December 23rd at 8pm
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The Purple One, Green Triangle and Strawberry Delight are three of Quality Street’s iconic flavours – and some of the most keenly sought varieties in the tin. But can two renowned chefs work out the secret techniques and recipes behind the much-loved sweets?

Find out in a special episode of Snackmasters this December 23rd, as presenter Fred Sireix sets the chefs Paul A Young and Sarah Mountain the challenge of replicating all three sweets.

Paul A Young is Britain’s leading chocolatier, known as a “flavour alchemist,” while Sarah Mountain is chief pastry chef at The Ned, one of London’s most exclusive hotels.

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The chefs are given three weeks to unwrap the secrets to each sweet, from the shape of the mould and the type of chocolate used, to the composition of each delicious filling. The only information they are given is what is on the pack – the rest is a test of their skills and their taste buds. Once the three weeks are up, they’ll put their versions to the test, as Quality Street’s factory and branding experts decided who has nailed the brief.

The show also sees comedian Jayde Adams explore the home of Quality Street, the Nestlé factory in Halifax, West Yorkshire where 12 million sweets a day are made in peak season.