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Quality Street celebrates 75th Anniversary

Quality Street pack shots

Nestlé Ireland is celebrating 75 years of its revolutionary confectionery assortment Quality Street this year. It is now the world’s number one selling boxed chocolate assortment, exported to 70 countries including Canada, Denmark and France.

Created by Mackintosh in 1936, Quality Street changed the way confectionery was manufactured and sold. Previously, boxed chocolates were very expensive and it was only the wealthy that could afford them.  Quality Street challenged this tradition and using ground breaking technology such as the world’s first twist –wrapping machine to make chocolates become more affordable and accessible to all families. Sweets were packaged in brightly coloured tins, decorated inside with bunting and ribbons and sold at a reasonable price.

Sweet success (fact box)

  • 6,000 Quality Street sweets are produced per minute, a total of 67 million every week 
  • 136,701 miles of foil are used per year to wrap the sweets; the equivalent distance of five times around the equator
  • 15 million tins of Quality Street were sold in 2010; enough sweets to stretch to the moon and back when placed end to end

To mark the Quality Street’s 75th anniversary, Nestlé Ireland has created a new chocolate bar. ‘My Purple Bar’ offers four classic Quality Street purple sweets in an indulgent bar format. Available for a limited time only, the bar encases the “Purple Ones” signature creamy caramel centre, whole hazelnut covered in smooth milk chocolate.

In addition, to further celebrate the brand’s 75th birthday this Christmas, Quality Street 400g cartons and 1 Kg tins will feature an exciting on-pack promotion giving consumers the chance to win presents every day for 75 days. There will be 75 presents to be won daily from a prize fund including laptop computers, televisions, bicycles, mobile phones, game consoles and more. Consumers just need to find the unique code printed inside their pack and enter it on the Quality Street website to be told instantly if they have won.

Today, Quality Street continues to combine tradition with innovation. The sweets are free from artificial colours, flavourings and preservatives, and since 2009, the packaging has been completely recyclable. The coloured wrappers are compostable, while the foil wrappers and the tin container can be recycled in the same way as cans.

Quality Street’s enduring success lies in its cross- generational appeal in that everyone can find something they like.