Toon in to find out all about Fawdon – home to some of Nestlé’s best-loved brands

Katy Connelly

Love Fruit Pastilles, Rolos, Toffee Crisps or Munchies? Now you can explore the home of these and many other iconic brands, with a video tour of Fawdon, Nestlé UK’s second-largest confectionery factory.

Based near Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Fawdon manufactures a wide range of popular sweets and chocolates, including Fruit Gums, Breakaway, Caramac, Matchmakers and Milkybar and Smarties mini eggs.

The factory is part of Nestlé’s video series profiling sites across the UK and Ireland.

Katy Connelly, a Line Performance Manager at Fawdon and our tour guide on the video said: “Fawdon is not only a major employer in the Newcastle area, it manufactures many of the chocolate bars that consumers in the UK hold close to their hearts. I’m delighted to take viewers on a tour of the factory and the city I’m proud to call home.”


Fawdon employs around 600 people and produces over 40,000 tonnes of confectionery a year. It is also home to some rather clever science – an anaerobic digester that turns sweet waste not suitable for consumption into a clean green power.

Liquid and solid waste is fed into the bacteria-filled bespoke anaerobic digester, where it is converted into biogas and clean water. The biogas powers up to 8% of the factory’s energy needs - all from your Toffee Crisps and Fruit Pastilles!

To find out more about Nestle’s Fawdon factory, toon in here!



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