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Innovation at Nestlé

Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Nestlé and what makes our products so special. The work of our Product Technology Centre (PTC) in York is to help us keep improving their quality, nutritional profile, sustainability and affordability.

Behind the scenes at Nestlé

innovation at Nestle

At Nestlé UK&I far more goes on behind the scenes than you might think.
Hear from our Chocolatiers and product innovators about their work.

Inclusive Design

inclusive packaging of Black Magic

At Nestle we want to ensure we are providing the best experience for all our customers.
Take a look at how we are improving the designs of our products to make them accessible to everyone.

The secret life of salt (and other ingredients)

secret life of salt

A set of photographs of microscopic food particles, taken by Nestlé scientists, reveals hidden worlds in everyday products. This image shows tiny, skyscraper-like, salt crystals growing on the surface of a powder.