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Diversity & Inclusion


Gender balance 

Having a workforce that is diverse and inclusive is essential for a successful business.   

We need a balance of genders so that we can benefit from a diversity of styles, perspectives and decision-making.  Our Nestlé values are rooted in respect, and having a balance of genders is simply the right thing to do. 


Women in Engineering 

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineering professionals in Europe and the proportion of young women studying engineering and physics has remained virtually static since 2012. 

At Nestlé we want to do our bit to change that. Having a diverse workforce is essential for a successful business, and initiatives like the Women in Engineering Network bring us another step closer to developing a better gender balance in our organisation and the industry. 



Despite progress in the UK, research by Stonewall shows that many LGBT+ people still face discrimination on a daily basis and the legislative and social landscape is continually changing for LGBT+ people – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. 

At Nestlé we want to build and uphold our inclusive values, and our partnership with Stonewall means that we join a network for businesses and organisations committed to improving inclusion for LGBT+ people in the workplace. 

The Nestlé LGBT+ Network is a diverse group of employees and welcomes new members from across all our UK and Ireland sites. The group offers support, networking and social opportunities for all Nestlé LGBT+ colleagues. 

* Due to privacy regulations, this number only reflects those countries that were able to report it.