Julie Gallacher, Nespresso Sustainability & Project Management Lead

julie gallacher nespresso sustainability project management lead

Why are balanced teams better for business?

Research has shown repeatedly that diverse teams are more innovative. As we have a diverse customer base we need to reflect that in our decision making. The best way to do this is to ensure teams are balanced!

How can we create more of an equal balance in our society?

We need to move away from stereotyping women as caregivers and men as breadwinners. This does not reflect the reality of an increasing number of dual career couples, same sex couples and single parents.

Who has inspired you either personally or professionally and why?

I am very lucky in that I have always been surrounded by inspiring women, whether that has been in my family, social or work life. If I had to pinpoint one person that has inspired me personally then I would say my big sister – she has always been an ardent supporter of women’s rights and pioneer of coaching support for working mums!