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Deirdre O' Donoghue, Business Excellence Integration Lead

deirdre odonoghue business excellence integration lead 

I am the Transformation Lead for Nestlé UK and Ireland. These are exciting times as we become more agile and flexible to meet the fast changing needs of our consumers and customers. I’ve been with Nestlé for 19 years, working across a wide range of roles in sales, marketing, general management and change management in a number of European markets. I love the variety and opportunities for personal and professional growth that Nestlé offers.

Balanced teams are great because they offer a much richer and diverse range of opinions, I think this helps us make better business decisions. We need to generate greater awareness of the benefits of balance.

How can we achieve a better balance at work?

  • A great way to start is by making sure everyone, including leaders, are aware of their own unconscious bias, everyone has unconscious bias, the important thing is recognising it.
  • Ensure succession planning is balanced and our policies are family friendly.
  • Inspirational leaders are also key, like my first boss, who regarded me as a person with limitless capacity to develop. I never worried about who or what I was, I just got on with learning and doing.