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Films to celebrate our anniversary

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By Alex Hutchinson
01 December 2016

Regular readers of the blog will know that I've been working for some years on digitizing our film collection (read more about the unusual way in which some of these films were found here:

I'm excited to be able to announce that, in honour of our 150th anniversary this year, we digitized absolutely every last one of them! We are now able to see (in crisp, dazzling broadcast quality) previously unseen footage of colleagues at our Hayes factory in 1956 pouring fondant and fudge; amazing footage (which has not been sped up) of ladies as they snap up bars of chocolate for packing faster than any machine;

MILKYBAR PACKING: This has not been sped up










...there's glorious footage of chocolate puddings and Christmas creams and sweets that glisten jewel-like on the production line;


JEWEL-LIKE SWEETS: a film from 1960










...early 1960s TV ads takes us back to bygone Picadilly Circus; and, of course, there's acres and acres of chocolate.



PICADILLY CIRCUS: Evocative footage of London night-life









As you know we can't put all of these online yet due to copyright restrictions, but these a handful of snippets that have been cleared and that we really enjoyed.




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