Nestlé Cocoa Plan

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Nestlé Cocoa Plan

What is the issue?

The cocoa industry is facing major challenges. While demand is increasing, cocoa yields are down, and old, diseased trees are affecting cocoa quality. As a result, many cocoa farmers are switching to other crops that generate better income.

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Why is it important?

As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of chocolate, we depend on a stable, sustainable supply of high quality cocoa.


  • Achieved
  • By 2016 – Source 100% certified sustainable cocoa for confectionery.*

More profitable cocoa farms, and better conditions for farmers and their families.


Sustainable supply of high quality cocoa.

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What are we doing about it?

In 2009, Nestlé launched the Nestlé Cocoa Plan. The initiative aims to improve the profitability and sustainability of cocoa farms by helping farmers make better use of their land, and improve social conditions for cocoa farmers and their families. This in turn will help develop a sustainable supply of high quality cocoa for Nestlé.

The plan focuses on three main areas. These are: training farmers on efficient and responsible farming practices; replacing unproductive cocoa trees with healthy, high yield trees, and building and refurbishing schools to improve access to education.

In 2015, more than 44,000 farmers received training through the plan, and we plan to supply farms with 12 million high-yield cocoa trees by 2019. More than 1.6 million were distributed in 2015 alone.

I initially set up the cooperative because back then, on my own, it was difficult for me even to transport my cocoa beans away from the farm. Today, working collectively, things are a lot better for me and all the other farmers in N’Douci.
Leon Kouadio Aka, Ivorian farmer

We have access to new and more productive small trees, so when our old ones are dying, we can plant new ones. They’re still small and not yielding fruit yet, but they will.
Sandrine Yao N’da Adjoua, Ivorian farmer

Our vision at UTZ is that sustainability becomes the norm. Nestlé’s commitment is a step towards that vision. By buying responsibly grown ingredients, Nestlé helps to improve farmers’ lives, while assuring a stable supply in a turbulent context of climate change and other big challenges.
Daan de Vries, Markets Director, UTZ


certified sustainable cocoa

100% certified sustainable cocoa

In the UK & Ireland, our work with the Nestlé Cocoa Plan has been on certifying the sustainable sourcing of cocoa. Out target was to source 100% certified sustainable cocoa for our chocolate, confectionery and biscuits by 2015. In December 2015, we announced that we had achieved this target, becoming the first major confectionary company in the UK & Ireland to do so.

To verify the sustainability of our cocoa, we work with independent organisations UTZ and Fairtrade Foundation for certification that the cocoa is sourced and produced sustainably on farms with safe working conditions.

From 1 January 2016 onwards, the entire range of Nestlé chocolate confectionery and biscuits sold in the UK & Ireland, including KitKat, Milkybar, After Eight, Smarties and many more is produced using certified sustainable cocoa, sourced through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan.

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School books for the Côte d’Ivoire

In 2015, Nestlé biscuits brands, including KitKat, Breakaway and Blue Riband, teamed up with World Cocoa Foundation to donate 10,000 books to children in 10 primary schools in Côte d’Ivoire. The schools selected were built through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan initiative.

Through the donation, every child in each school received a full set of school textbooks ready for the start of the 2015-2016 school year. Around 2,400 children benefited from the donation.

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What’s next?

Addressing the complex challenges and building up local capacity in the cocoa supply chain takes time. For this reason, the Nestlé Cocoa Plan is a long-term commitment. Globally, Nestlé has committed to investing CHF110 million in the programme over 10 years. We also have a commitment to source 150,000 tonnes of sustainably produced cocoa through the plan by 2017.

The Nestlé Cocoa Plan currently covers over 30% of our global cocoa usage. As we continue to invest in and expand the programme, this figure is set to increase each year.


*The cocoa we source is certified via the mass balance approach.