Nescafé Plan

nescafé plan

Nescafé Plan

What is the issue?

Coffee farmers are currently facing many challenges, including plant diseases and the rise of alternative crops, as well as the impact of climate change.

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Why is it important?

Through brands such as Nescafé and Nespresso, we are a major manufacturer of coffee products. Our long-term ability to source green coffee (in other words, unroasted coffee beans) of the quality and in the quantity we need depends on the sustainability of our coffee farming supply chain.


  • Achieved
  • By 2015 – (global) Improve the sustainability of the Nescafé supply chain, source 180,000 tonnes of coffee from Farmer Connect, all of which are compliant with 4C’s baseline sustainability standard.
  • In progress
  • By 2020 – (global) Nescafé to improve the quality, quantity and sustainability of its coffee supply chain by distributing 220 million coffee plantlets.
  • By 2020 – (global) Nescafé to source 90,000 tonnes of coffee that is compliant with the Sustainable Agriculture Network principles.
  • By 2020 – (global) Source 100% of the coffee for Nespresso’s permanent range through its AAA Sustainable Quality Program on coffee sourcing, and improve farmer social welfare.

A brighter future for coffee farming and farmers.


A sustainable supply of high quality coffee beans.

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What are we doing about it?

Launched in August 2010, the Nescafé Plan is a global initiative for the entire Nescafé brand that aims to secure a sustainable future for coffee farming. Through the Nescafé Plan, we work with our coffee farmers to help them build a more robust business by providing training in responsible farming and production, technical support and healthy coffee plants. The plan also aims to improve social conditions for farmers and their communities, as well as raising awareness of coffee supply issues among our consumers.

Through the plan, Nestlé has committed to invest approximately £213 million in coffee projects worldwide, and distribute 220 million high-yielding coffee trees by 2020.

In 2015, Nescafé achieved its sourcing objective by buying 225,600 tonnes of green coffee through Farmer Connect, 191,700 tonnes of which complied with the sustainability standard set out by the 4C Association. Nespresso sourced 85% of its coffee through the AAA Sustainable Quality Program.

We also distributed 26.8 million plantlets in 2015, taking our cumulative total to 100.7 million.

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Engaging with consumers

In the UK, we drink around 70 million cups of coffee per day*. However, coffee consumers aren’t always aware of the deeper social and sustainability issues around where their coffee comes from, and how the beans were sourced.

As part of the Nescafé Plan, we want our consumers to think beyond the cup. To raise awareness, we’ve launched a number of communication campaigns that draw attention to the plan and explain its benefits to consumers.

For example, Nescafé Gold Blend in the UK & Ireland celebrated its first harvest of coffee from trees provided to farmers in Colombia through the Nescafé Plan with a special limited edition pack in April 2014. Starting in 2015 and continuing in 2016, we are rolling-out messaging and information about the Nescafé Plan on product packs across the entire Nescafé range, as well as on our Nescafé website.

I became a coffee farmer just a few years ago but life was difficult as coffee rust nearly destroyed my whole farm. I became involved with the Nescafé Plan after I heard about it from a liaison officer with the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and he told me how it could help me.

That’s how I got the seedlings and plantlets. The plantlets that Nescafé gives us are very good and they’ve helped save both time and money. This is now the first harvest of the trees that the Nescafé Plan gave me and it has been good.

Since joining the Nescafé Plan I’ve become more optimistic about the future. There are good times and bad times in coffee but I feel like the good times are coming!
Dora Arboleda, coffee farmer


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What’s next?

In the coming years we will continue to work to achieve our 2020 objectives for the Nescafé Plan, including distributing more quality plantlets and improving the sustainable sourcing of coffee for our Nescafé and Nespresso brands.


*Source: Mintel Coffee UK 2008 report