In October 2015, Nestlé UK & Ireland commissioned independent sustainability consultancy SustainAbility to undertake an assessment of the materiality of our sustainability issues across our business. The aim was to identify the issues that matter most to our business and our stakeholders, and to confirm which areas we should prioritise.

SustainAbility interviewed a range of external and internal stakeholders to understand how these issues are understood and managed both within and outside of our business, in wider industry and society.

The materiality matrix (on this page) shows the position of these issues relative to the degree of stakeholder concern and potential business impact. Together, the results represent the material issues facing our business.

Our material issues are considered and mapped according to where they may impact our value chain. In the chain, agriculture also includes smallholder farmers with whom we do not have direct relationships. Tier 1 refers to suppliers in direct commercial relationships with us.

The latest Nestlé in Society report covers the period 2014-2015, and therefore its contents are not always aligned to the findings of our materiality assessment. We will use this assessment to inform our approach from this point on, and regularly undertake materiality assessments in alignment with the reporting period.