Employee CSV training

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Employee CSV training

What is the issue?

Creating shared value is a responsibility we all share at Nestlé. To live up to our commitments to society and the environment, we depend on the understanding and support of our employees.

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Why is it important?

Through training, our employees can gain a better understanding of our creating shared value commitments and what they can do to help achieve them. Training in nutrition can also help our employees make more informed choices about their health and wellness.


  • Not yet achieved
  • By 2015 – Provide nutrition training to all our employees.
  • By the end of 2015, we had provided 92% of our office staff and 100% of our factory staff with Nutrition Information as detailed in Nestlé Nutrition Quotient training.

Employees able to make more informed choices about sustainable living.


More awareness of our CSV commitments across our business, and support in achieving them.

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What are we doing about it?

We’ve been passionate about nutrition, health and wellness for 150 years. Helping our employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of that and will continue to be an important aspect of working at Nestlé.

In recent years, we have been re-thinking and re-shaping our approach to employee wellness at Nestlé in the UK & Ireland. We’ve made good progress in the last few years. We’ve started our roll-out of health checks for all employees, to help colleagues understand and take action to improve their overall personal health and wellbeing. We’ve rolled-out Nutrition Quotient training to help colleagues understand how to achieve a healthy, balanced diet. We’ve also updated many of our people policies to ensure colleagues can strike the right blend of their work and home lives.

We recognise that wellbeing goes beyond just nutritional advice, physical wellbeing and occupational health services. As an employer, we have a valuable role to play in the mental wellbeing of our people too. So we’re now looking for our colleagues to help us shape the next phase of our approach to employee wellness.

Because nutrition is an important part of our approach to creating shared value, we set up a company-wide commitment to train all Nestlé employees at least once on the Nutrition Quotient Foundation Module by the end of 2015.

The training provided me with a better understanding of the importance of a balanced diet in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Nestlé UK&I employee

The assessment offers the kind of comprehensive testing that no amount of begging your GP would get you! The best thing is that it gives you an opportunity to be proactive about making improvements to your health, rather than having to react and treat an already developed problem. I hope that the assessing will continue so that everyone has the same opportunity for continuous improvement.
Nestlé UK&I employee

Progress and performance

By the end of 2015 we had provided training via e-learning to 92% of our office staff. Although this meant we missed our target, many of the 8% who have not completed the e-learning have completed other training in nutrition.

All of our factory staff have been exposed to nutrition information in the factory environment, where a Wellnest has been set up on each site and posters with key information have been prominently displayed.

In addition, staff who undertook the Wellness screening initiative received detailed nutrition information alongside their results.

Other achievements

Other types of nutrition training carried out in 2015 includes the following:

• All interns and new graduates receive face-to-face nutrition training during their inductions each year.
• All staff who attended Food College and Coffee College received nutrition training specific to those product areas.
• All employees in Nestlé Professional received training specifically related to their area of the business.
• Our Confectionery Sales Representatives in First Choice received training specific to confectionery with a focus on sugar.
• Our Confectionery Marketing teams undertook Advanced Nutrition training.
• All of our staff in Nestlé Nutrition received advance training in infant nutrition and completed Baby College.
• All staff within Nestlé Waters received Advance Nutrition training on hydration.

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What’s next?

We are constantly evolving our nutrition training, and we are currently looking at gaps and opportunities where certain groups of employees could benefit from further training that is specific to their areas of the business. Areas we will focus on during 2016 include providing training to make sure our Consumer Services employees have the up-to-date information they need to answer consumers enquiries about nutrition, and giving new staff nutrition quotient training as part of their induction process.

We are currently updating our creating shared value strategy and commitments as part of a review of how we manage our commitments in the UK & Ireland. Once we complete this, we plan to roll-out employee training on our priority creating shared value areas and commitments across the business.