Anti-corruption and bribery

anti corruption bribery

Anti-corruption and bribery

What is the issue?

In simple terms, corruption and bribery mean any kind of dishonest or fraudulent conduct employed to gain unfair advantage. This unethical and often illegal behaviour fuels inequality, holds back economic development and is a major risk to businesses.

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Why is it important?

To continue to operate successfully, we depend on the trust of all our stakeholders. This means meeting the highest standards of business conduct in everything we do.

Eradicating corruption and bribery helps ensure that suppliers and others in our value chain are treated fairly. In the UK, the Bribery Act 2010 makes bribery and the failure to prevent it a criminal offence. As a business, we do not tolerate bribery or corruption in any form.


Nestlé takes its responsibilities seriously in this area and compliance with the Bribery Act is required from the very top of the organisation. Our Corporate Business Principles reflect this commitment. I urge everyone to comply with the Anti-Bribery and Gifting policies.
Dame Fiona Kendrick, Chairman and CEO, Nestlé UK & Ireland


  • Achieved
  • By 2015 – Reinforce the Anti-Corruption Programme and communicate it to all Nestlé business employees within the UK & Ireland. Roll-out a new compliance e-learning module to ensure employees understand what is expected of them.
  • In progress
  • By 2017 – Ensure that all employees with access to computers to complete the new online compliance e-learning module.
  • Recognising that not all of our employees have access to a work computer, we are also developing plans to ensure that all employees have access to our Anti-Corruption Programme and training materials.

Contributing to a fair, equal society and promoting economic development.


Managing corporate risk across our operations and supply chains and protecting our reputation.

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What are we doing about it?

Most of us have a good general idea of what corruption and bribery involve. However, in many companies there is still a lack of awareness of the different forms they can take, or how easy it is to get caught up in a bribery or corruption situation.

Through our Corporate Business Principles, we are committed to eradicating bribery and corruption throughout our operations. We have taken steps to make sure that all of our employees understand Nestlé’s position on bribery and corruption, and are fully aware of the risks involved and the warning signs to watch out for.

We take bribery and corruption very seriously. As part of our efforts to ensure zero bribery and corruption across our business operations and supply chain, we have a network of Anti-Bribery and Corruption champions across our operating sites including our factories.

Policies and compliance

All UK employees must adhere to our Policy on Bribery and Corruption (pdf, 160Kb), as well as our Integrity Policy and Code of Business Conduct (pdf, 2Mb).

To raise awareness of the issues around bribery and corruption and make sure that compliance is ingrained in our culture, we have launched an Anti-Corruption Programme for all our employees. This includes a number of anti-bribery e-learning tools, launched during 2015. The e-learning, which is mandatory for all Nestlé business employees, is designed to help employees understand what’s expected of them, and what they should do if they have any concerns.

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What’s next?

We are currently reviewing our existing policies and processes to ensure that they remain up to date and reflect all changes in group policies. We aim to complete this process by 2017.