Nutritious products for children

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Nutritious products for children

What is the issue?

A nutritious, balanced diet is vital for children’s health and physical development.

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Why is it important?

As the world’s biggest food manufacturer, we have a responsibility to make sure that the products we provide for children help to give them the nutrition they need, while also ensuring they taste great.


  • Achieved
  • By 2015 – Maintain at 100% our children's products that meet all the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria for children.

Contributing to improving children’s health.


Better and more nutritional products through research and development.

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What are we doing about it?

Using our Nestlé Nutritional Profiling System (NNPS) (pdf, 882Mb), we assess all our foods and beverages for children against the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation (NF) criteria, which are based on nutrition science and globally accepted public health dietary recommendations. A food or beverage must meet all the criteria to attain NF ‘Yes’ status, meaning that we consider it appropriate for consumers as part of a balanced diet. If they do not meet the criteria, we aim to reformulate them until they do.
By the end of 2015 all our children’s products met all the NF criteria for children.
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Product reformulation highlights

To make sure our products for children include healthier choices and meet the requirements of NNPS, we introduced a number of key product reformulations in 2015.

Confectionery and ice-cream
• Following the launch of Milkybar, Fab and Nobbly Bobbly ice lolly minis, Rowntrees Randoms mini ice lolly launched in 2015 containing 42 kcal per portion and around half the size of the standard top selling ice lollies.
• For Easter, Halloween and Christmas 2015, we reduced the weight of our small seasonal children’s confectionery items by an average by of 16% in order to meet the Nestlé children’s NF criteria. This resulted in the removal of 54 tonnes of sugar, 7.6 tonnes of saturated fat, as well as a reduction of 494 million calories.
(Calculated using 2014 vs 2015 nutrient changes and 2014 sales data. The figures reductions are not cumulative. Products reformulated include Smarties Choc Chick, Smarties Easter Friends, Smarties Santas Friends, Smarties Halloween Pumpkin, Smarties Penguin, Milky Bar Ghost, Milky Bar Bunny, Milky Bar Santas Friends, Milky Bar Easter Friends).

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• Thanks to our product reformulations, whole grain is now the number one ingredient in all our Cereal Partners UK brands, apart from our gluten-free products.
• Today Nestlé Cereals recipes are made with 1400 less tonnes of sugar compared to 2003 (1).
• By the end of 2015, we had achieved our commitment for each of our kids’ and teens’ cereal brands to contain less than nine grams of sugar per serving. Many contain much less.

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Lactalis Nestlé

Lactalis Nestlé carried out a number of reformulations on children’s products in order to meet the NNPS criteria for all nutrients as well as the EU pledge nutrition criteria for dairy products other than cheese.

Our reformulation work on Rasbperry and Strawberry Munch Bunch Squashums Pouches, Strawberry/Raspberry, Strawberry/Banana and Strawberry/Vanilla Munch Bunch Double Up Fromage Frais, Smarties Split Yogurt Pots, and Milkybar Little Treat Diary Dessert has resulted in the removal of 1.37bn calories, 51.7 tonnes of sugar, and 9.8 tonnes of saturated fat. (Calculated using 2014 vs 2015 nutrient changes and 2014 sales data. The figures are not cumulative.)

• We also launched Munch Bunch 30% less sugar fromage frais in 2015 with 30% reduced sugar compared to standard Munch Bunch Raspberry and Strawberry Fromage Frais. This was the result of reducing the amount of added sugars in the products which are made from all natural ingredients.

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What’s next?

We will continue to make sure all our children’s products meet NF criteria throughout 2016 with tailored innovations, monitoring and action plans.

Munch Bunch Double Up Strawberry & Chocolate Fromage Frais will undergo renovation in 2016 to reduce sugar, in line with EU Pledge requirements.


1. 2003 recipes or launch recipes for those products introduced post-2003. The figures are not cumulative (only for 2015), using 2015 sales figures).