Labelling and providing clear nutritional information

nutrition information

Labelling and providing clear nutritional information

What is the issue?

In order to make healthy choices and achieve a balanced diet, consumers need clear nutritional information about the food and drink products available to them.

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Why is it important?

As a major food manufacturer, we have a responsibility to address serious public health issues such as obesity and poor diet. One way we do this is by providing nutritional information on our product labels, in line with government guidelines and recommendations.


  • Achieved
  • By 2014 – include on-pack messaging about sharing and portions on all relevant confectionary products.
  • By 2014 – apply the UK government’s new front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme to all relevant products.

Consumers able to make more informed, diet choices.


Be a trusted brand by acting above and beyond compliance.

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What are we doing about it?

Globally, we are committed to providing nutrition information and advice on all our labels, in line with health authority guidelines and applicable labelling regulations.

In the UK, we have been an industry leader in product labelling for many years. In 2005, we were the first confectionery company in the UK to display calorie information on the front of all of our products. In 2006, we added full Guideline Daily Amount (GDA) information across most of the Nestlé UK & Ireland product range.

More recently, as part of our commitment under the Public Health Responsibility Deal, we have adopted the government’s front-of-pack colour coded nutrition labelling system, which provides a nationwide standard for food and drink product labelling. Alongside this, we have been providing more on-pack guidance about sharing and portions on relevant products.

Research has shown that consistent front-of-pack labelling across the food and drink market helps consumers become more familiar with the format of the labels, which in turn makes it more likely that they will use the information provided to improve their diets. Consistency also makes it easier for us to raise consumer awareness of how to use the label information.

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Clear product labelling

In June 2013, the UK government launched a new voluntary front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme. The scheme combines guideline daily amount information (now known as reference intake information) with an at-a-glance traffic light colour-coding system. By setting a consistent standard for labelling across the UK, the scheme makes it easier for consumers to compare products and make healthy choices.

As part of our commitments as signatories of the Public Health Responsibility Deal, we have adopted the new labelling scheme across relevant products sold by Nestlé’s fully owned businesses. We also work with the Department of Health, health organisations, retailers and other manufacturers to raise public awareness of the scheme, making sure that consumers understand the labels and how to use them in their shopping and diet decisions.

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Sharing, saving and portions

To help consumers enjoy our confectionery in moderation, we display on-pack messages on relevant confectionery products encouraging them to share or save some for later. This includes ‘Love to Share’ messages on confectionery sold in pouch bags and sharing bags or blocks.

We have also introduced a reseal feature so our packs can be resealed to save for later. This will be rolled-out across confectionery products that contain more than one single serve by the end of 2016. To further encourage sharing and saving, we have designed many of our products to be easily divided into portions, and provide on-pack serving recommendations.

From 2014 onwards, all relevant confectionery products in the UK have displayed messages about sharing and portions.

Read more about our portion guidance.

Nestlé Nutritional Compass

As well as improving the nutritional value of our products, we also want to make sure that we communicate nutritional information in a way that’s easy to understand.

Our Nestlé Nutritional Compass is an on-package communication tool that not only provides standard nutritional information, but also practical advice about how to include the food as part of a balanced diet.

Nutritional Compass 

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What’s next?

We are committed to the government’s front-of-pack labelling scheme, and will continue to apply it to our products in the UK. We will also continue to work with health authorities, industry groups, consumers and government to achieve greater awareness and understanding of the labels among consumers, and explore new ways to make nutritional labelling on our products as clear and intuitive as possible.