Environmental Sustainability

In a world facing rapid environmental change and rising populations, we all have a stake in protecting our environment.

At Nestlé, our aim is to grow our business while reducing our impacts on the environment. We are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using resources efficiently, and encouraging biodiversity in the areas where we operate.


All living things need a stable, healthy environment in order to thrive.


By protecting the environment, we help make sure it can continue to sustainably provide us with natural resources and raw ingredients needed to make our products.

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Children gardening with an adult man  
natural capital
Working with nature

Get Better with Nature educates children and adults about the benefits of nature to every day life, as well as promoting conservation in local communities.

climate change


renewable electricity used across our UK & Ireland opperations.

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greenhouse gas emissions reduced in 2015 in the UK & Ireland.

“Nestlé’s commitments to reduce its carbon emissions are important not only in their own right but also through the signals they send to other businesses, policy makers and the public.”
Nick Molho – Executive Director, Aldersgate Group
resource efficiency

2,535 tonnes

of surplus fit-for-consumption food donated to FareShare in the UK since our partnership began.

resource efficiency


tonnes reduction in the weight of our packaging from 2014 to 2015.

resource efficiency


of our packaging is recyclable.


255 tonnes

reduction in CO2 emissions every year, thanks to our new solar panel installation at our Fawdon factory.