Creating Shared Value

At Nestlé, Creating Shared Value (CSV) is the way we do business. It’s an approach based on respect for people, cultures and the natural environment. We believe that,for a company to prosper over the long term, we must create value for shareholders and for society. In this report, we demonstrate how CSV continues to shape our business strategy and where it is delivering benefits in society.

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Our Summary Report

This summary report is a quick snapshot of our themes, commitments and performance, as well as some of our key initiatives.

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Our approach

We believe that succeeding as a business in the long term and creating value for our shareholders also means creating value for society as a whole. We call this CSV. CSV is the way we do business, and ingrained in who we are as a company.

As a global business, and the UK’s biggest food manufacturer, we have a responsibility to the communities and environments in which we operate, as well as the many businesses and people we interact with every day. Nestlé in Society is the name we give to the work we do in order to live up to this responsibility, and create value not only for our business but also for society as a whole.

Through Nestlé in Society, we carry out work across five themes where we believe we have the biggest influence. These are: nutrition, health and wellbeing; environmental sustainability, water, rural development, and people, human rights and compliance. These themes are supported by a number of commitments that we have set ourselves to ensure that we continue to drive positive change as a responsible business in society. In the UK & Ireland, we have 41 commitments in total.

To help us keep track of our performance, many of our commitments also have more detailed global and UK-specific objectives.

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Creating Shared Value

Nutrition,water, rural development

Creating shared value

For a company to be successful in the long term and create value for its shareholders, it must also create value for society.


Protect the future


We aim to delight consumers with tasty, nutritious and healthy food and beverages, while offering products which are made in a responsible way that preserves the environment for future generations.


Laws,business principles, codes of conduct


In addition to complying with laws and regulations, Nestlé has a strong set of values and principles that we apply across all the countries where we operate. Our overriding objective is to ensure that our investments are beneficial both for our shareholders and the countries where we do business.


Our activities are governed by our UK & Ireland Creating Shared Value (CSV) Steering Group, chaired by Fiona Kendrick, our CEO. Attendees include the Directors from relevant business functions, such as Supply Chain, Corporate Affairs, and Technical and Production, in addition to Directors from our sister companies within the market.

The Steering Group meets on a quarterly basis to track performance against our targets and to discuss key issues and strategies. Where these require input from a global perspective, the Steering Group is responsible for seeking alignment with the relevant teams in our global headquarters in Switzerland.