Previously Unseen Archive Film of Smarties

By Alex Hutchinson, Nestlé UK Archivist and Historian

18 August 2016 See comments (1)

The BFI have digitized some gorgeous old film of Smarties being made at our York factory from the days when it was Rowntree's, and you can watch it in all its glory by clicking here. This is some film that we've had in the archive for donkey's years, but haven't been able to release to the general public. We're delighted to see this film available online for everyone to see, because it is an absolute gem of a film.

It's difficult to convey the magic of the Smarties production line: the chilled rollers pressing the constant flow of liquid chocolate; the alchemy of the dragée pans as they spread the colouring and polish the sweets; the pleasing rainbow as the finished sweets cascade into the packing department; it's brilliant.

We hope you enjoy this film as much as we have. Do let us know what you think in the comments section below.

  1. Mark Barritt @ Nestle

    24 Aug 2016 - 15:26 (GMT)

    Great find Alex, interesting to see how things have really changed over the years.

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