Are these the oldest Hallowe'en sweets in Britain?

By Alex Hutchinson, Nestlé UK Archivist and Historian

27 October 2014 See comments (0)

Last autumn we received the kind donation of Brian Sollitt’s packaging collection (for more information on Brian ‘Mr After Eight’ Sollitt click here). Brian’s collection was a treasure trove of artefacts, but among the most interesting were these Black Magic boxes which we have never seen examples of anywhere else.

The boxes, which appear to date from before the Second World War, incorporate a witch on a broomstick into the regular Black Magic design, along with a full-moon, owl and village sky-line by night.

We believe that these could be the oldest examples of Hallowe’en themed sweet packaging from a British firm. We’re challenging our competitors to find an older example. If you have a Hallowe’en themed pack that you’d like to share with us you can send it to our Twitter feed @NestleUKI.

Front of Black Magic Box 

Side of Black Magic Box 

Black Magic Box Witch 


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