Work Experience in the Archive

By Jo Draper, Archive Assistant

08 July 2016 See comments (0)

We have a new work experience student in the archive this summer to help me tidy up and put even more of our collection online. Jo has been looking through the Brian Sollit collection and below are her photographs and what she has to say about it. Do leave a comment if you have any beginner’s photography tips for her.

Rowntree's Chocolate Almonds

“Here at the Nestlé Archive we have received a fantastic collection of vintage chocolate boxes amongst other Rowntree’s and Nestlé memorabilia, which has been kindly donated by Brian Sollit following his passing.

Vintage Chocolate Box

Brian was an ex-Rowntree’s employee who worked as a confectioner who helped develop dearly loved Rowntree’s products such as After Eight mints. His diverse collection of vintage packaging and Rowntree’s related items will make a great addition to our archive.

Rowntree's Black Magic Chocolates  

We are using a Fujifilm Finepix HS10 and if anyone has and photography tips for us they would be greatly appreciated.“


Savana by Rowntree

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