Long-lost photos of the fallen

By Alex Hutchinson, Nestlé Archivist and Historian

23 June 2016 See comments (0)

I find many heart-breaking objects in the course of my work for Nestlé, but none more so than the object I have to share with you today. It is a photo album that was found at one of our factories very recently and has been waiting in my archive to be properly processed.

The photographs are of Nestlé UK employees who had gone away to serve their country during the First World War. We're making them available to the public for the first time. Some of the pages have a name, but no photo with them, and others have a photo with no name; we've included both in case they help you to identify your relative.

Some of the men here appear to have won medals, including Sergeant J. E. S. Poole who won the Distinguished Conduct Medal for bravery on the field. We even have a very early photograph of the RAF in June 1918, just a couple of months after it was founded.

If you find your relative here do let us know in the comments section; we're really hopeful that these will reach the families of their subjects.

To see all 123 of the images on our Flickr page please follow this link.

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