KitKat and the hyphen

By Alex Hutchinson, Archivist and Historian

20 October 2016 See comments (17)

My colleagues tell me that there is a rumour going around that there used to be a hyphen on KitKat’s wrappers, and that it has mysteriously disappeared in recent years.

I can categorically say that the KitKat name was not hyphenated (either on the UK or US wrappers), and that the only time I have seen the name hyphenated is on one very rare wrapper from the Second World War (which I don’t have a photograph of) and on our 1920s Kit-Cat chocolate boxes.

There isn’t room here for me to upload the many thousands of examples that I have in the company archive, but here are one or two from down the years that show that there is not, and never has been, a hyphen on the KitKat wrapper.



  1. KitKatFan @ No

    20 Oct 2016 - 22:06 (GMT)

    It's amusing how the advert in picture 15 touts KitKat as a kind of beneficial, nutritious energy-supplying meal. Much like Mars used to do with their famous "A Mars a day helps you work rest and play". Claims like these were much more common once upon a time for lots of mass produced food products. Nowadays chocolate bars are never sold on their health benefits! (Save certain specialist ones of the sort found in health food shops.)

  2. Alex Hutchinson - Archivist and Historian @ Nestlé

    21 Oct 2016 - 13:50 (GMT)

    You’re quite right, it was a very different time. The ad you’re referring to is from a famous campaign during the Second World War, when a lot of consumers had to be more physically active than they were used to, in order to help with the war effort. What I like most about this series of ads is that the stars (who are all doing demanding jobs) are women.

  3. TH1NK4 @ no

    21 Oct 2016 - 11:27 (GMT)

    I'm sorry, but my memory tells me differently. As does the memory of a lot of other people. It's very confusing. Have a break, Have a Kit-Kat, have a combination of multiple universes....

  4. Braedon Harris @ No

    01 Dec 2016 - 00:08 (GMT)

    Many hundreds of thousands (many millions likely affected, many just do not know it yet) remember distinctly there was Kit-Kat same way other events in history/reality have changed for us. Example: Many people remember distinctly 1 moon landing and 1 failed moon landing (famous line Houston we have a problem) apparently now there's been 6 moon landings. I remember originating where Earth was on the outskirts of milky way in Sagittarius arm now we are in Spur of Orion. My human anatomy is slightly different, organs moved/changed (lungs smaller, Heart centred instead of left of chest, huge liver, Kidney shot doesn't even hit kidneys anymore as they were raised, skeleton is slightly different as ribcage is bigger and sternum longer) Hitler's eyes I was taught were brown, apparently here they were blue. These are a few examples of many thousands. Check out the reddit sections dedicated to it if you like
    and i'm sure people would love to hear a response to a company affected by it.

  5. Max @ No

    04 Dec 2016 - 16:02 (GMT)

    Why was a hyphen added for WWII?

  6. Alex Hutchinson - Nestlé UK Archivist and Historian @ Nestlé

    06 Dec 2016 - 10:12 (GMT)

    Dear Max,

    I have been back through some photographs of another collector's archive and I found a photograph the wartime item I was thinking of, but when I found it I realised that I had remembered it incorrectly; there was no hyphen. As far as I can see in the archive there is no evidence of Kit Kat ever having a hyphen, except on the boxed assortment Kit-Cat. The reference to a hyphen on the wartime packaging was a false memory on my part.

  7. James @ no

    28 Apr 2017 - 21:35 (GMT)

    Without a shadow of a doubt, there was a hyphen in that logo.

  8. James @ no

    02 May 2017 - 09:20 (GMT)

    Problem solved?

    Looks like the dash was printed onto the biscuit, but not the wrapper, so we all saw it when we ate, but there's no evidence remaining when you search the logo.

  9. Alex Hutchinson - Archivist and Historian @ Nestlé

    05 May 2017 - 10:55 (GMT)

    That's a good suggestion James, but the text printed onto the chocolate said "Rowntree's" not Kit-Kat. When Nestlé acquired Rowntree's they changed the print to "KitKat" but didn't add a hyphen. It looks like we really did all imagine it.

  10. Mr Mark A Hewitt @ No

    09 May 2017 - 08:24 (GMT)

    No I distinctly and vividly remember the hyphen. Thousands of people can't be wrong

  11. jay @ ace

    29 Aug 2017 - 17:10 (GMT)

    millions of people are wrong about a myriad of topics everyday.

  12. Eric @ Not Nestle

    10 May 2017 - 06:01 (GMT)

    So here is how I remember the dash ... from the commercial... that also doesn't exist anymore...

    It would always end with "Break me off a piece of that KIT! KAT! BAR! and on the screen you would see "KIT" then "-" then "KAT" in time with the last three words

    I remembered it bothered me that they didn't show the dash (or bar) in third when the song said "bar" so I would see it as Kit Bar Kat all the time...

  13. Zack pero @ No

    03 Jul 2017 - 07:53 (GMT)

    When a archivist and historian has false memories of a hyphenated kit Kat know the mandela effect is real...

  14. Taylor @ No

    21 Sep 2017 - 19:47 (GMT)

    I have very vivid memories of eating them down on both sides and literally leaving the dash as the last bite. Pretty much everytime I ate them. Most anyone I ask recalls the dash too unless they weren't a big fan of them. Then they tend to not remember.

  15. Leonard @ No

    21 Oct 2017 - 20:46 (GMT)

    There was definitely a hyphen sign, I ate these nibbles as a kid, what we are experiencing is the Mandela effect, who died in the 80's then in 91, and lastly, 2013, which one is right, is reality even true anymore, what should we believe, are we alive for a reason? Why are we alive and, more incredibly, how did we even move where we exist if we didn't move into the past? Also has anyone had mysteriously experienced a lack of sleep for a few months but slept fine before? Since I've had sleep all over the place the last few years, I put it down to stress and stuff, but in a way I'm scared that maybe it's something far worse

  16. Joyvel @ No

    26 Nov 2017 - 20:38 (GMT)

    The universe where kit-cat used to have a dash collapsed and the energy merged into close similar parallel universes. The energy from that universe got mixed with this one and that's why we all remember the dash.

  17. Christina A. @ No

    01 Mar 2018 - 21:10 (GMT)

    I just want to say I have a vivid photographic memory & Kit-Kat always always & I do mean always had the hyphen. The fact the company is saying it never did is creepy and I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

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