Animal Bar

By Alex Hutchinson, Nestlé UK Archivist and Historian

17 May 2016 See comments (1)


One of my colleagues has very kindly donated all these lovely Animal Bar wrappers to the archive; I am highly delighted with them.

Do you remember any of these? Judging by the logos and addresses on the wrappers they date from sometime after 1966, but I would estimate the 1970s. Let us know if you have one in your collection that we're missing here; we'd love to see it.

  1. Andy Brett @ NO

    23 Nov 2017 - 00:51 (GMT)

    The Animal Bar wrappers would probably be late 1960s. The fact that the price is 4D (old pence) is a dead give away! We 'went decimal' in 1971, and the 'D' was replaced by 'P'.

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