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Henri Nestlé’s 200th Birthday

Have you ever looked at the image of a nest on the back of your favourite jar of coffee, or a yummy break-time treat and asked yourself: where does Nestlé come from?

A lot of people seem to think that we’re American, or that we’re a relatively newly established company, but not so, were actually Swiss, and we’ve got a really interesting history.

Our story starts back in the 1860s, when two men from very different backgrounds were both working on products using Swiss milk.

The first man was Henri Nestlé, a German by birth, who would be 200 years old this Sunday. Henri was living in Vevey (Switzerland) and running the local chemist shop. As a chemist he dabbled in all kinds of products, he made Portland cement, generated natural gas to power the town’s streetlights, and made mustard. He was a really interesting, innovative guy, always making things.


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