1940 - 1960

Black Magic/Cranton 1941?

Black Magic changed its name to Cranton and was made to a different recipe due to wartime shortages. After the war the name Cranton was retained as an export line. Our archivist is still investigating the date of Cranton, so if you have evidence of an earlier date, why not tweet it to us @NestleUKI.

KIT KAT 1941

Kit Kat dropped the words 'Chocolate Crisp' temporarily and made to a different recipe due to wartime shortages. The blue wrapper was a clue to consumers that this was a temporary change.

Polo Mints 1948

Polo mints take their name from the word Polar, which implied coolness. Polo mints are still made at their home factory in Yorkshire.

Kit Kat 1949 'Chocolate Crisp' officially dropped from name

kitkat advert with a wrapper opened and a piece of kitkat out of the packgaging with a cat looking at the bar

Kit Kat got a makeover after the war; read more about the history of this brand here.

Polo Fruits 1953

The classic mint got a new flavour just in time for the end of sweet rationing in the UK.

Mintola 1955 renamed Mint Munchies in the 1990's, then After Eight Bitesize in 2006

Ironically Mintola is an older brand than After Eight, and was launched by a different company (Mackintosh's) but now finds itself enjoying the patronage of the After eight name.

Milkybar 1956 (re-launched after wartime hiatus)

Milkybar production had to stop during the Second World War due to shortages of milk, but production resumed in the Hayes factory in 1956. Milkybar is now made at our York factory.

Week End 1956 - 1988

Mackintosh's weekend selection box filled with various sweets

Mackintosh's Week End was a bright assortment of fruity, jelly sweets and chocolates.

Munchies 1957

black and white image of a pack of munchies

Munchies were launched by Mackintosh's of Halifax in 1957.

Aero - Peppermint 1959?

The archive contains numerous dates for the supposed first launch of Aero Peppermint, but this is the one our archivist believes that there is the most evidence for. She's still investigating the date of this product, so if you have evidence of an earlier date, why not tweet it to us @NestleUKI.

Caramac 1959

Caramac is so called because it was made by Mackintosh's out of caramel; "Cara" and "Mac", geddit?

Good News 1960 - 1988

box of good news milk chocolates opened showing chcocolates inside

Rowntree's launched Good News in 1960.