1960 - 1970

After Eight 1962

After Eight

After Eight was originally launched in Scotland as a test in 1962.

Animal Bar 1963

Animal Bar Wrappers

Animal Bar was launched by Nestlé in 1963. Our archivist is collecting Animal Bar wrappers; take a look at her latest blog post here.

Toffee Crisp 1963 (first production runs 11th and 13th September)

Toffee Crisp

Toffee Crisp was first made in 1963 by Mackintosh's.

Tooty Frooties 1963

Tooty Frooties

Tooty Frooties were first made by Mackintosh's of Halifax.

Dairy Crunch Milk 1965 re-launched as Crunch 1992

Dairy Crunch Milk

Nestlé launched Crunch in 1965.

Jelly Tots 1965


Jelly Tots were invented by accident, when a Rowntree's worker made tiny samples of jelly as a test for another product.

Golden Cup 1967

Golden Cup


Matchmakers 1968