A Royal Gift


This Thursday marks the 90th birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The celebrations happening all over the world have got us thinking about this story from 2014 about the first bar of Yorkshire chocolate which we gave to Her Majesty when she was the Princess Elizabeth.

That's right, it's not an April Fool, we really did once make some chocolate out of 100% Yorkshire ingredients. It was back in 1933 and we had set up a tropical greenhouse in the grounds of our York factory where we grew cocoa beans, vanilla pods, pineapples and bananas. If we're honest, we didn't succeed in growing a lot of cocoa, but what we did grow was just enough to make this casket of chocolates. We decided that the most appropriate recipient was the little daughter of the Duke of York, never dreaming then that she would become Queen; or that as Queen she would be the longest reigning and longest lived monarch our Kingdom has ever seen.

We would like to wish Her Majesty a very happy 90th birthday.

To read the full article from the 1933 Easter edition of the company magazine, please click here.