Love in the cereal aisle

Nov 30, 2017

Here at Nestlé we were bowled over when we heard the story of Jill and Ross Lindsay, a couple from Newcastle Upon Tyne who found love in the cereal aisle of their local supermarket thanks to a box of Nestlé Cheerios and a smooth catch.

Jill and Ross were originally friends at High School but lost touch and, although they were neighbours for a number of years without realising it, it was a box of Cheerios that finally brought them together on 14th July 2014.

Jill and Ross Cheerios wedding 

Jill recalls: “I was in the supermarket, turned a corner and bumped into Ross. We were catching up on what we’d been up to as it had been so long since we saw each other last. Whilst we were catching up, a person came in between us so she could get something from the end of the aisle. The cereal box dropped from above us and Ross caught the box behind his back and then swung it round and handed it to the lady in an extremely cool fashion, this turned out to be a box of Cheerios. Ross was, of course, cool as a cucumber and fate was definitely on our side so we exchanged numbers and decided to meet up”.

After three years of dating, Jill and Ross married this summer and to celebrate their happy reacquaintance, they handed out Cheerios boxes as wedding favours.

Ross adds: “I'm so happy I bumped into Jill that day and that fate in the form of Cheerios intervened to help seal the deal. We couldn't have had the wedding without involving Cheerios in some way and wedding favours was perfect, along with a thank you to Cheerios in my speech”.