Celebrating International Day of Happiness

Mar 20, 2017

To mark International Day of Happiness, employees at Nestlé UK and Ireland reveal what they enjoy most about their jobs.

Polly Davies works in the Purina sales team as a National Account Executive. She joined the graduate programme in September 2015 after completing a summer internship in 2014.

Smiling Polly Davies 

She says: “One of the things I love about working for Nestlé is our brands. We have the best brands. The second thing is the people that I work with. As cliché as it sounds everybody is so lovely, I love coming to work just to see everybody. I think also the environment in which we work is quite motivating and inspiring because we have so much trust. Even though I am still quite young, I feel like I have quite a lot of responsibility and I think that is one of things that I really love about coming to work.”

Toby Chelton also works for Purina. He started his current role as Assistant Brand Manager in September 2016.

For Toby, one of the best thing about his job is the team in which he works.

Smiling Toby Chelton 

He says: “Everyone is really nice and I’m genuinely interested in what they are up to at the weekend. There is a pretty strong social side too. I wasn’t here for more than a couple of weeks before I was being invited to social events happening outside of work. Then, on the work side, the team really do take the stress off if there is something a little bit tough that you’re dealing with. There is a real team spirit and that’s really nice, it is a big lift to everyday at the office.”

John Thomson is a HR Project Manager and works in our York offices. John says the team spirit at Nestlé is like no other.

He says: “One of the best things about working for Nestlé is the people. For so many reasons. From day one the team have been welcoming and supportive. There’s a culture that balances challenge and support throughout the organisation. The people around me are hugely capable and teach me something new every day.”

Becky Fry is a Customer Category Executive and has been in her role since September 2015. She says Nestlé Purina’s Pets At Work scheme enhances her working environment.

She says: “My role is amazing in terms of being challenged and offering a diverse experience, no two days are the same. But I also love the people and the way of working at Nestlé. Working in Purina, everyone shares a passion for pets which is something that I really value. Of course, having dogs in the office is also a big perk!”

Laura Archer, is a Corporate Media Relations Manager. She joined the company in July 2015 and recently spent four months working in the company’s global headquarters in Vevey, Switzerland.

Smiling Laura Archer 

She says: “Nestlé is a great company to work because there are so many different career paths you can take. I was lucky enough to spend some time in Vevey and build on my skills by learning about how the company works globally as well as locally. What’s more, here in the UK we have a number of really good benefits as Nestlé employees, such as the use of a gym onsite, health checks and flexible working.”

Sarah Haskins is a Communications Specialist. She says Nestlé is “by far” the best place she has worked.

She says: “Nestlé is a great place to work. The development opportunities are outstanding, with everyone having their own personal development plans in place and a clear path for achievement, which is established as soon as you join. For me personally, I particularly appreciate the flexibility that is given to us – meaning that you can choose to work at times that suit you. The fact that you are trusted to manage your own time gives you a real sense of fairness and freedom in the way you do your job.”

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