“The worst thing I get covered in here is chocolate” - life as a Nestlé engineering apprentice

May 20, 2016

Nestlé York electro-mechanical engineering apprentice, Will Pycroft, appears in a new video for the Department of Education showcasing Nestlé Apprenticeships.

Will is in the third year of his dual skilled engineering apprenticeship and is currently based in the KitKat wafer department. He is responsible for maintenance of machines across the site and works with multi-million pound processes, machinery and software infrastructure for KitKat, one of the biggest global confectionery brands.

Filmed in the York KitKat factory, the video is one of a series of short career films aimed at inspiring 13-14 year olds to think about different career routes that do not require a degree at entry level.

The videos are being shown in schools across the UK and available to view on the Department of Education’s YouTube channel.

“A lot of people think that engineering is dirty and you come home covered in oil but the worst thing I get covered in here is chocolate. You always come home smelling nice as well.” Take a look at what Will enjoys about his apprenticeship at Nestlé.

Investing in the talent pipeline is imperative for Nestlé. The company has been offering apprenticeships for more than 55 years across a wide range of functions including commercial and technical.

There are currently 146 apprentices within the organisation and this year, Nestlé will recruit at least 65 apprentices across seven factory sites and its two head offices.