‘Excellent’ Girvan recognised for reducing environmental impact

Aug 12, 2013

During a recent routine inspection, SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) increased Girvan’s performance rating from “good” to “excellent”. This award recognises Girvan’s achievements in reducing their environmental impact, and rigorously keeping within the parameters of their PPC (Pollution Prevention and Control) permit which governs Noise and Vibration, Odour Conditions, Groundwater and Soil Protection, Air Emission Conditions, Sewer Discharge Conditions, Operation of Process, Waste Handling and Storage and Upgrade Requirements.


Girvan has halved its CO2 output and is progressing towards halving water consumption through initiatives like reverse osmosis on milk condensate. As well as making pragmatic moves to address issues such as chemical and milk storage areas, Girvan has also taken an innovative approach to problem solving, including swapping old lighting for LED in production areas.

Girvan is also the first and only UK site to use wind generated power, which is used to light the biodiversity classroom.

Many of the projects undertaken by the site were identified during the ETS study, for which Girvan was the first site to volunteer. And they are now reaping the environmental credentials for doing so!