Famous confectionery brands hang out the banners at Nestlé House

Apr 15, 2016


Colourful banners were hanging from York’s Nestlé House this morning to celebrate the launch of not one, but two, brand new products.

Nestlé is investing in its much loved mint brand, Polo to deliver the first packaging re-design in a decade and a new variety of Polo - Sugar Free Extra Strong. The brand is also undertaking a new advertising campaign, its first in five years.

Meanwhile, Polo Sugar Free is also sponsoring the Oral Health Foundation’s National Smile Month in recognition of the fact that the range is kind to teeth.

In addition, Nestlé is launching a new multi-million pound advertising campaign for the Rowntree's brand with the launch of the ‘Smile Factory’. The investment will see a new TV advert as well as unique content and video on demand running across a range of online platforms including Facebook, YouTube and 4oD.


The ‘Smile Factory’ will promote the entire range of Rowntree's products including all together on TV for the very first time. It will also welcome the newly launched range of Rowntree's mini packs which provide a smaller confectionery treat for parents.

Charlotte Mountford, Rowntree's Brand Manager said:

“At Rowntree's, we eat, sleep and drink sweets. We’ve been making them for over 130 years and are proud of every single one of our family of brands. This campaign is a big moment in Rowntree's history and a chance to showcase our new and existing products in a big way.

Laura Steer, Brand Manager at Polo said:

“We set out to update the Polo packaging and create a wrapper as iconic as the mint with the hole itself. It’s our first packaging refresh in ten years and our first advertising campaign for five. We are proud of the new look for the range and the addition of our new Polo Sugar Free Extra Strong product. We hope it will please Polo fans everywhere.”