Dame Edna & Barry Humphries 18lbs down on their JENNY CRAIG weight loss journey

Jul 10, 2012

Hello possums!  I’m just over halfway and starting to adore what I see!

National Treasure Dame Edna Everage and her manager Barry Humphries are more than halfway to their goal weight, both shedding an impressive 18lbs with JENNY CRAIG.

Twelve weeks ago, Edna and Barry decided to get serious about their health and turned to JENNY CRAIG to help reach their goal of losing 33 lbs (2 stone 5lbs) each. 

Edna is feeling like a new woman – so much so that she’s even reconsidering her upcoming retirement!

“I feel like I’ve been given ten more years of life!  In fact I’m feeling so well, that after this farewell tour I might do a lot more shows,” Dame Edna said.

In the past, Edna’s unhealthy eating habits had sadly limited her wardrobe for the farewell tour – Eat, Pray, Laugh - but now, thanks to JENNY CRAIG, the Dame has dropped a dress size and can fit into more of her breathtaking frocks and meet the high physical demands of the tour.
“I’m starting to adore what I see…the other day I could fit into a dress that I haven’t worn for years - I actually couldn’t believe it!

“My food habits are changing, but the best thing is I’m not depriving myself of the culinary delights I’m used to – JENNY CRAIG’s food is positively scrumptious!” she said.

Like all JENNY CRAIG clients, Edna speak to her weight loss consultant weekly to keep her on track and guide her through the weight loss journey.

“Every week I meet with my consultant who helps me plan for my week ahead. She’s a lovely lady and very helpful… I want to keep her when I’m done with the programme!”  Edna said.

Barry Humphries initially joined the program to support Edna, but since losing 18lbs he has started to realise the added bonuses that come with weight loss. 

“I no longer need my afternoon sleep! My clothes fit – in fact they’re a bit looser now.  I feel better when I wake up and simple things like moving around are noticeably easier.

I’m also feeling a bit more attractive to myself…I’ve always had a love affair with myself, but it’s deepened since losing 18lbs with JENNY CRAIG,” Mr Humphries said.

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A leading global weight loss programme, JENNY CRAIG’s unique Mind-Food-Body approach combines delicious home delivered food with weekly one-to-one consultations. JENNY CRAIG has had more than 5 million clients over the past 10 years in US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and launched in the UK in April 2010.

JENNY CRAIG costs from £11 per day. For more information contact 0800 088 2034 or visit http://www.jennycraig.com/site/.