Chefs of Tomorrow activity continues!

Jul 13, 2017


This week sees Nestlé Professional chefs Darren Chapman and Justin Clark cook up a storm by giving children a taste of making appetising food and creating some art on a plate at two schools.

In addition to that our chefs will give the students a unique insight into life as a chef and why it is a career destination of choice.

Approximately 90 students from Burnley Road Academy in Halifax and St Francis of Assisi in Crawley will take part in cooking sessions this week, which will include the children participating in the cooking and presentation of meals, making it fun and interactive.

This follows Nestlé’s ongoing activity to encourage children to be creative and adventurous with food which will enable them to discover new foods they may otherwise avoid.

This event is part of the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme which is delivered by PhunkyFoods in the UK, which aims to improve the awareness, knowledge and effective practice of healthy eating and physical activity in primary school children.

For more information on the Nestle Healthy Kids Programme, please visit