Public Health Responsibility Deal

We have been working with the UK Government on the public health agenda for a number of years.

In March 2011, we committed our support for the Department of Health’s Public Health Responsibility Deal by signing up to all of the initial Food Pledges, and all the relevant Health at Work and Physical Activity Pledges.

The following year, we became one of the first signatories of the Calorie Reduction Pledge and Caterers Salt Pledges, which is an extension of the work we have carried out in recent years.

More recently, in June 2013 we signed up to the latest pledge of a new front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme which combines Guideline Daily Amount information, which Nestlé UK & Ireland already displays on most of its labels, with an at-a-glance colour coding system.

Our level of support for the Responsibility Deal demonstrates we have an important role to play in assisting our employees, our consumers and the communities within which we operate to make informed choices and lead healthier lives.

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