Dairy Box

Dairy Box was launched in 1936, with early advertising including the slogan: "She’ll love it if you bring her chocolates, She’ll love you if they’re Dairy Box ". All sweets used to be placed in the box by hand at a rate of about 80 per person per minute.

Three box sizes are available - small, medium and large - and each contain ten varieties of delicious milk chocolates all free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Silky Hazelnut - Smooth praline creme in a milk chocolate case

Orange Truffle
- Orange truffle with a hint of tangy zest

Vanilla Cup - Soft vanilla with crispy wafer and a dark chocolate drop

Chocolate Velvet - Luxurious velvety truffle with a white chocolate top

Raspberry Sundae - Creamy raspberry truffle fills a milk chocolate dome

Caramel Crisp - Crispy caramel truffle in an elegant milk and white chocolate swirl

Crispy Truffle - Smooth chocolate truffle with crispy pieces

Vanilla Nut Crunch - Vanilla truffle with caramelised almond pieces

Praline Heart - Praline truffle in a milk chocolate heart

Almond Ripple - Soft praline encased in an almond shell