Kit Kat®


Kit Kat, slender crispy wafer fingers covered with creamy milk chocolate. In January 2010, Kit Kat, Nestlé’s leading confectionery brand and the UK’s favorite chocolate biscuit bar, was certified by Fairtrade in the UK and Ireland.

The Kit Kat range

  • Kit Kat Pop Choc: Kit Kat Pop Choc are delicious bitesize pieces of famous Kit Kat wafer coated in milk chocolate. Containing no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, the new sharing bag also features ‘LOVE TO SHARE’ branding in keeping with the refreshed Nestlé chocolate sharing bag range.
  • Kit Kat 2 Finger: Two Finger Kit Kat is the UK's number one biscuit. The 2 Finger Kit Kat was launched in the 1930s alongside the 4 Finger variant, and has remained a best–selling biscuit brand ever since. In the beginning, the 2 Finger Kit Kat was only produced as a milk variant, but is now available in Milk, Mint, Orange, Dark and Cookies and Cream. Annually we sell enough 2 Finger Kit Kat to go round the world more than one and a half times! Have a break with two crispy wafer fingers covered with milk chocolate, Kit Kat contains 107 Calories and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives - a great lunchbox treat!

Within the KIT KAT range you can also find the following:

  • Kit Kat 2 finger – Milk, Orange, Mint, Dark and Cookies and Cream 
  • Kit Kat 4 Finger – Milk and 70% Dark
  • Kit Kat Chunky – Milk and Peanut Butter
  • Kit Kat Chunky Duo - Milk