Quality Street®

Quality Street has been one of the nation’s favourite twist wrapped assortments for over 75 years. A variety of formats are available to suit different occasions – traditional tins and jars for family sharing, cartons for thoughtful gifts, and at key seasons self treats are introduced.

Everyone has their favourite Quality Street – making them perfect for sharing. Choose from an assortment of twelve sweets - caramels, fudges, fruit crèmes, nuts and pralines. Note the iconic shapes, with distinctive, jewel coloured wrappers.

Quality Street Matchmakers®, mint and orange flavoured chocolate sticks, are fun to nibble and perfect to share on family nights in.

In the run up to Christmas the most popular Quality Street sweet - The Purple one® – will be available in a bar as My Purple Bar.

Quality Street sweets contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

Quality Street is a magical brand and has held a special place in the hearts of the public, in Britain and around the world, since it was launched in 1936. It is a rewarding experience to look at the history of a famous brand, and Quality Street’s rich heritage throughout the decades helps us to understand why it has endured as a favourite for 75 years.

Visit www.qualitystreet.co.uk